Taylor Swift Trial


The Taylor Swift trial begins August 7, 2017 in Denver.  Taylor Swift alleges that David Mueller, a Denver country music DJ, “lifted her skirt and grabbed her ass” when taking a picture with Swift before her concert.  She relayed these assertions to Mueller’s employer, who promptly fired him.  Mueller then sued Swift, saying she was lying about him and that her lies cost him his career.  Swift filed counterclaims, asserting Mueller battered her.

Empirical Jury began receiving requests for comment on the case, so it ran a 300 person jury study in order to provide detailed analysis.  The results are surprising, showing that Swift is slightly behind, but that careful jury selection and focus on specific issues could swing the verdict.


To obtain the full report or to schedule for an interview or comment, contact john@empiricaljury.com.  John has appeared on television regarding the case and will do so throughout the week.


We’d be honored to show you how our way of studying cases gives you information the other side doesn’t have and can’t get, including 1) detailed analysis of the strength of case, 2) how your demand impacts liability, 3) the issues jurors are fixating on, and 4) which specific traits of jurors (smoker v non-smoker, TV shows watched, demographic traits, etc.) predict a positive outcome in your case.  Please either you our contact form on our home page or email alicia@empiricaljury.com We’ll contact you right away.

The below video features commentary by Empirical Jury founder John Campbell.