The process and quality from Empirical was far beyond what I ever expected. Their team procures invaluable information for your case ~ it is truly game changing putting you and your client levels above your opponent.

April Bonitaffo
Bonifatto Law

We've used John and his team on several important cases. Based upon their work we were able to gain invaluable insights and tailor our trial strategy accordingly. I highly recommend them.

Brian McKeen
McKeen & Associates

This information is amazing. I used to work in politics, and we would always invest in a thorough messaging poll a few months before the campaign, and I learned to trust that data more than my own instincts or opinions. This information is very similar to that. Assuming your data holds up consistently, you guys are going to revolutionize trial practice.

Brent Barton
Barton Trial Attorneys

We ran a focus group with Empirical Jury for a recent nursing home case. We were blown away by the amount of information generated from the focus group. The results and information allowed us to effectively sharpen our trial preparation, leading to an outstanding resolution of the case for our deserving client. We plan to use Empirical Jury whenever possible going forward.

Chad Lucas
Kuhlman Lucas

Once again your study NAILED it. (comment sent by Charla after the jury returned $20 million)

Charla Aldous
Aldous Walker

Empirical Jury is bringing new meaning to focus groups.  Their work has proven to be invaluable in our cases, both from a settlement perspective and working through trial strategies.  Truly phenomenal work.

Charla Aldous
Aldous Walker

If information is power, then this is one of the most powerful tools that exists for Plaintiffs. The insight we received was invaluable in evaluating the strengths and weakness of our case and determining the likelihood of beating the Defendant's last offer at trial. We will definitely be using Empirical Jury again.

Charlie Chrichton
Kidneigh and Kaufman

The Empirical Jury team was instrumental in helping us assess a complex fault allocation that was make or break for a difficult case. But they did more than just arm us with solid data on the likelihood of those allocation outcomes. The feedback received on juror attitudes towards a key fact in our case became our strongest weapon. It ultimately forced the defendants to forego trial and meet our demands.

Chris Moore
Richardson, Patrick, Westbrooke & Brickman

We were referred to Empirical Jury by another law firm who indicated we shouldn’t try our case without them. After working with them, I couldn’t agree more. John and his team allowed us to test multiple themes and theories mixed with multiple damage requests to narrow down what facts and potential defenses the jurors were focused on what we could do to maximize our result. It also allowed us to determine who would be our best jurors. After the success on this past case, we are looking forward to working with Empirical Jury again.

David Cates
Cates Mahoney

Empirical Jury was an essential supplement to our in person focus group work. The confidence you get as a trial lawyer from EJ, due to its use of large samples and statistical analysis, is critical. I was going to ask for $200M but wanted to make sure that wasn’t too high. The EJ report inspired me to ask for $300M and I received a $90 million verdict. The report absolutely played an important role in our verdict and I will definitely be using their services on the next one.

Eric Penn
The Penn Law Firm

You give me insights I would never have without your help and research

Jim Gilbert
The Gilbert Law Group

The information obtained by using Empirical Jury’s services has proven to be extremely valuable. I would highly recommend Empirical Jury.

Jim Leventhal
Leventhal Puga Braley

John Campbell and Empirical Jury have done an outstanding job in performing high end pretrial analysis of liability and damage issues on behalf of our clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Their on line testing of our case and theories with online jurors has been an invaluable tool in jury selection and the structuring of our case. It is well worth the money.

Joseph Power
Power Rogers

I particularly appreciated the comments from the participants regarding what other facts they would have liked to have known and what were the most relevant facts to them. Both helped tremendously in preparing for voir dire and in determining what facts to highlight and what issues to deal with right out of the box.

Keith Dozier
Keith Dozier

John and his team at Empirical Jury provided valuable information on two of our recent catastrophic injury cases which went to trial in 2019. Their results not only identified the critical liability issues, they also helped to educate us on how to argue damages to the jury. We will be using Empirical Jury on all of our catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases from now on.

Lance Cooper
The Cooper Firm

We did our own extensive mock trials and focus groups and your report solidified and clarified many of our observations. After five years and three appeals, this complicated antitrust case was settled within hours of receiving your report and the day before jury selection. It was also a very useful tool to use with our clients. I am not doing another jury trial without engaging your services.

Mark Davis
Davis Levin Livingston

John Campbell has an insightful and creative legal mind. He intuitively understands what motivates juror decision making and also how to construct scientific surveys to identify, and learn how to address, the most important good and bad issues for your case. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with John and have learned a great deal from him. He is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Mark Mandell
Mandell Boisclair & Mandell

For the same price (or maybe less), EJ gave me far more detailed and insightful information than I've received from traditional focus groups.

Matt O'Grady
Onder Law

Our case involved a very tricky and potentially fatal comparative fault issue, and the results we received from the jury survey pleasantly surprised us, confirmed our trial strategy, and helped us achieve a very favorable settlement for our client.

Mike White
Edelman and Thompson

I usually conduct my own focus groups and get useful information from them. And before I used Empirical Jury, I thought that was the gold standard for trial prep. But after working with John, I know what the gold standard really looks like. Their reports give a whole new level of information about a case. And it's backed up with data that you can't argue with. Using Empirical Jury changed the way I looked at all of my cases not just the case they analysed for me. It really was worth every penny.

Sam Cannon
Cannon Law

I have had the pleasure of working with Empirical Jury on several large cases. The level of effort they put in to understanding your case is unique. The insight they have provided has been unlike any other jury consulting group I have worked with in my 40 years.

Scott Segal
Segal Law Firm

Knowledge is power. Empirical Jury provided us critical information to make informed decisions on the strategy for our case. I highly recommend them.

Stephen Burg
Burg Simpson

Within days of presenting our script with imbedded photographs and video clips, we had over 400 views with detailed comments and clear patterns and a report and excel spreadsheets showing the big picture and the detail of opinions on a multitude of issues. We also tested three monetary asks and had extensive data on what “ask” would maximize the client’s recovery. Perhaps most importantly, we received helpful information for voir dire and jury selection. Before utilizing Empirical Jury, my firm had done traditional mock jury exercises with 24 to 36 “jurors” deliberating in groups of 12. While that process has proven helpful, it has not come close to providing the depth and type of information obtained through Empirical Jury’s survey.

Stephen Labriola
Fellows Labriola

John Campbell and Empirical Jury did a phenomenal job helping me to prepare for the trial of a difficult insurance coverage case. I was much better able to pick a jury and argue my case armed with the detailed focus group information that EJ provided. I have done traditional focus groups for many years but the volume of case-specific responses that I got through the EJ process was much more meaningful and impactful to my preparation. I will be a regular customer!

Terry McCartney
Reiner Slaughter Frankel

Empirical Jury rocks. In 2019, our client won a $21 million jury verdict - $10.5 compensatory and $10.5 punitives- in a historically red state and very conservative county. Our case was a commercial matter against trustees for breaching their fiduciary duty and against the trust’s settlor and his attorneys for aiding and abetting the breach. Empirical Research helped us maximize and solidify the strengths in our case, reframe our weakness as strengths, better undercut the expected defenses based on the juror data, identify the questions the jurors needed answered, and allowed us to refocus some evidentiary areas. Beyond the valuable analytics Empirical Jury provides, the volume of individual juror comments contained pure nuggets of gold which we adopted and used throughout our case. I look forward to working with Empirical Jury again and again.

Tim Casey
Schmitt Schneck Casey Even & Williams

Running our focus group online with Empirical Jury allowed us to get more results, faster, for cheaper, and with the ability to test different trial strategies. The information we learned was invaluable and changed the way we presented our case and how much we asked for. We ended up getting an eight figure verdict, and I truly believe we would not have gotten that result if not for the help from Empirical Jury.

Tim Cronin
The Simon Law Firm
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