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Empirical Jury Selection was born out of our frustration with existing jury apps and their limitations.

Our company, Empirical Jury, is called on to study some of the largest cases in America using technology and massive amounts of data, all with the goal of helping attorneys build better cases and pick better juries. We assumed we’d find a jury selection app that could keep up with our needs. But we kept running into walls. The apps just weren’t much better than an excel document or a piece of paper. People couldn’t collaborate effectively data entry was clumsy, and the interface was either too cute or too clumsy.

Convinced technology could revolutionize jury selection in small trials and massive ones alike, and relying on experience as trial lawyers, statisticians, and jury consultants, we set out to build a better mousetrap.

Our goal was ambitious – Give trial lawyers a competitive edge by creating an app that is generations ahead of the rest and easy to use. We think we’ve done it.

  • Build the courtroom layout exactly as it is in real life, so that what you see on the screen matches what you see in the courtroom
  • Build you own jury questions with pre-entered answers, making entry faster
  • Quickly enter notes for one juror, or switch to jury view and enter data for a number of jurors at once
  • Allocate points to answers and see jurors ranked by their answers
  • Store comments about each juror in real-time and have conversations about jurors with peers, all in the app
  • Flag jurors for follow-up, track peremptory and for cause strikes, and note those excused by the court
  • Collaborate with co-workers in real-time so that nothing a juror says or does goes unnoticed or unrecorded
  • Engage Empirical Jury for case and juror analytics, then synch the predictive data about jurors straight into the app
Getting Started and Inserting Jurors
Adding Questions and Collecting Information
More On Entering Juror Information
Advanced Information Collection and Sorting
Advanced Use of Data and Additional Features
If you encounter an issue while using the app you can request support via email from inside the app by tapping the menu button ( ) and selecting "Request Support".
You can also request support by email.
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